AssurITy Technical Services

Phoenix Systems has been supporting customer operations for over 25 years and has introduced the AssurITy Technical services program to meet the needs of the market in three critical areas: Security, Performance, and Growth:


SecurITy - AssurITy Service starts with system mapping, benchmarking, and labeling so that clients know exactly what they have and where it is located. This asset management approach provides the foundation for developing the emergency pre-planning procedures, back-up processes and network security protection to keep the system running securely.


Performance - Optimum network performance is a major contributor to productivity and efficiency. Phoenix Systems AssurITy Service provides each customer with a maintenance service tailored specifically to their needs. It could include regular system back-ups, server file maintenance or just a little telephone support.


Growth - A key component of Phoenix Systems AssurITy Service is to help customers ensure their IT Systems keep up with the changing needs of the business. Phoenix Systems works to keep its customer's informed of changes in technology and how each customer might capitalize on those changes today, without compromising flexibility for growth tomorrow. In this role Phoenix Systems works closely with customers to understand their business objectives and goals and provides timely advice to allow them to leverage their IT systems to achieve those targets.


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