Frequently Asked Question
Will we need a Project Manager to implement an ERP System?

Phoenix Systems highly recommends the use of an internal Project Manager during all phases of the selection process and implementation to ensure  success.

An important first step to selecting an ERP system is to select a project manager to manage the selection process. In addition to coordinating the internal needs assessment and vendor evaluation process, the selection project manager will serve as the liaison with vendors. The project manager will also create a selection team representing every area of the company (finance, sales, manufacturing, human resources, etc.).

If your company decides to hire an ERP consulting firm to manage the selection project, the role of the in-house project manager will shift toward overseeing the firm's work, co-ordinating interviews and meetings with key users and managers, and ensuring that each department's needs are adequately addressed.

We can make recommendations of Project Managers that are experienced in successful ERP projects.  The choice is always yours!

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