Manufacturing - Summary

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SYSPRO  offers outstanding flexibility to accommodate a wide range of production methods by enabling discrete, repetitive process manufacturers to achieve competitive advantages in a dynamic marketplace. The manufacturing modules offer an array of features for:

  • - estimating
  • - master scheduling
  • - finite capacity scheduling
  • - labour performance
  • - costing
  • - lot and serial tracking
  • - purchasing/receiving
  • - backflushing
  • - material verification
  • - capacity
  • - material requirements planning

SYSPRO address all aspects of the manufacturing process. This functionality provides the ability to synchronize and integrate a variety of manufacturing techniques all within one fully integrated software system.

SYSPRO works well for the following types of manufacturing activities:

    Discrete Production

SYSPRO  provides all the facilities to control both short and long product runs. However, since the batch size of a particular product can vary from a few units to several thousand units, they will calculate the dynamic elapsed time of an operation or job. Environments include assemble-to-order, blend-to-order and finish-to-order through to the genuine job shop.

    Discrete Manufacturing -  Furniture Industry

SYSPRO is the solution of choice for many leading global manufacturers in the furniture sector. Companies like the UK's largest flat pack office and home furniture giant Furniture Factory, to the largest leading brands and case goods manufacture in the southern hemisphere, The Cornick Group, have implemented an ERP solution.

SYSPRO  provides flexible, integrated and cost-effective systems for accounting, manufacturing and distribution processes, and empower leading furniture manufacturers to exercise complete control over their planning, forecasting, production and distribution functions. Key benefits realized by Phoenix Systems clients include:

  • managing materials across distributed warehouses and streamline production processes
  • gaining instant real-time and enterprise-wide access to information for budgeting, turnover, profitability and decision support
  • handling any complex BOMs and shorten lead times by weeks

At Phoenix Systems we assist North American furniture manufacturers to implement complete solutions, which deliver significant benefits and a competitive advantage. Phoenix Systems customers are in the best position to react proactively to ever changing customer demands and market conditions. They have reduced their administration costs, shortened their supply chain leads and gained desired efficiencies in production and stock management. Current customers in this market using solutions provided by Phoenix Systems include: Allseating, Arcese Fine Furniture, Brentwood Classics, Edgewood Furniture Limited, Future Chair and Inscape Systems.

    Repetitive Manufacturing

SYSPRO offers many advanced features for the repetitive manufacturer. The continuous flow of production is controlled through the scheduling of material and capacity requirements. Optionally, kit issues provide efficient relieving of component inventory. Emphasis is placed on scrap control, milestone operations and up-to-date dispatch lists. Serial number tracking is supported.

    Process Manufacturing

Well suited for bulk commodities, which are often packaged to order, SYSPRO allows for a continuous flow of operations. They manage production expressed as units per time period, with consideration given to the clean out and/or tear down of equipment between runs. Optionally, backflushing and superflushing of finished products can be used to relieve raw materials from inventory. Full lot and serial traceability is provided to satisfy statutory requirements where needed.

    Process Manufacturing - Plastics Industry

The plastics industry has to maintain tight controls on product ingredients, quality and distribution. Other key challenges in this sector include the optimization of material yields and maximizing reuse of remnants resulting from the cutting process. Phoenix Systems has been implementing ERP software solutions the manufacturing and distribution sectors for over 30 years. We specialize in delivering comprehensive solutions that control production process, maintain quality control and improve profitability throughout the plastics manufacturing process. The yield material system module fully integrates with the ERP solution framework for strategic management of accounting, manufacturing and distribution functions. Current customers in this market using solutions provided by Phoenix Systems include: Tri-Star, Buckhorn Canada Inc., Kumi Canada Corporation, Royal Group of Companies, Roytech Vinyl Co. and Uponor Canada.