HD Video Conferencing Solution case studies and success stories specific to Education

Education Solutions - Digital Students Brief

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Mobile technology in the hands of students is forcing changes in education. These tech-savvy students own the latest devices and hippest, hottest applications and they use them constantly to ...

Higher Education - Without Limits - Brief

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Today the best professors can live and work anywhere, and students can attend class anytime from anywhere. Attracting the best students and instructors and bringing them together in a collaborative ...

Hult International Business School - CASE STUDY

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Hult International Business School Standardizes on LifeSize HD Video to Keep Campuses Connected across Continents Video conferencing saves costs and promotes improved communications for faculty ...

Seattle Science Foundation - CASE STUDY

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Innovation and research bring together healthcare practitioners and medical industry innovators from around the world to collaborate and foster improvements via LifeSize

State College of Florida - CASE STUDY

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State College of Florida uses HD Video to Shrink Budgets, Increase Hiring and Enhance Online Learning for Students


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Physicians, Specialists, Professors and Medical Students Benefit from LifeSize Technology at The CHU in Bordeaux

University of Amsterdam - CASE STUDY

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HD video is widely accepted at the University of Amsterdam - a technology driven university.

21st Century Classroom - Overview

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The Challenge Schools everywhere continue to face budget pressures and a serious shortage of teachers. Leveraging new classroom technology* is increasingly difficult, which compels districts to seek ...

Globe University - CASE STUDY

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Globe University/Minnesota School of Business Enhances Learning with Live and On-demand Video Instruction

Bring Learning to Life - HD Video Conferencing by LifeSize.pdf

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Higher Education knows no boundaries with HD Video Conferencing solutions by LifeSize