HD Video Conferencing Solution case studies and success stories specific to Healthcare

Adena Health System - CASE STUDY

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Adena Health System Uses LifeSize to Bring Remote Specialists to Infant Patients - Rural medical center speeds up diagnosis time, cuts the number of patient transfers by 50% with HD video

Bring Healthcare to Life - Overview

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High Definition Videoconferencing Brings Quality Care to Patients ✔ Specialized Care. ✔ Real-Time Access. ✔ Quality You Can Depend on.

Implant Seminars - CASE STUDY

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Renowned oral surgeon offers dentists continuing education and hands-on instruction with LifeSize high definition video. Implant Seminars Brings Real-Time Dental Implant Surgery to Students Over ...

Pan Birmingham Cancer Network - CASE STUDY

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Pan Birmingham Cancer Network Implements Telemedicine Program: U.K. clinicians in a large cancer treatment network discuss and implement courses of treatment


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JSA Health Changes the Face of Telepsychiatry with LifeSize HD Video Communications; allowing doctors and patients to connect seamlessly for meaningful communication

Physician's Emergency Consultation - Overview

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For health emergencies and rare medical conditions, rural and smaller hospitals have always struggled with access to specialists. HD video conferencing provides physicians instant face-to-face access ...

Uplift Mental Health & Substance Abuse Treatment Center - CASE STUDY

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Doctors utilize desktop and mobile solutions to provide comprehensive treatment in crystal-clear HD, from anywhere on any device