Business Software Solutions For Weight Watchers companies

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  • At Phoenix Systems, we are experts in software design and process automation for Weight Watchers organizations
  • We work together with Weight Watchers executives to create intelligent state of the art systems that have been used by many WW companies across USA and Canada since 1994
  • We stand behind our systems and adapt them to constantly changing business environment requirements which helps our clients to achieve their goals

Contact us to learn more: T. 1-647-288-1823 ext 132   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The WW Group, an International organization , has partnered with Phoenix Systems for over twenty years.  What began as a system to capture Operational data has evolved into a comprehensive design that efficiently drives all facets of the business;  General Ledger, Account Payables and Receivables, Payroll, Management Reporting and Inventory Management and Purchasing.   The professional staff at Phoenix Systems are responsive to our needs and suggest program and process improvements to further improve efficiency.

Amy Brozgold
The WW Group, Inc.
Vice President and Chief Financial Officer


Tally.Net system – complete solution for WW franchise operations

Tally.Net is a state of the art system leveraging the latest technology to support a wide variety of functions in WW corporate offices. From capturing all financial and statistical details of WW meetings to automated payroll processing and synchronization with inventory and financial systems, Tally.Net provides your office staff with the efficient tools needed to manage your business.


Class Companion - Point of Sale Software for Weight Watchers

Class Companion is designed specifically for use in Weight Watcher’s meetings. The software improves efficiency for your service providers by quickly guiding them through all steps of member check in, weigh in and product sales. Timely information is provided to staff regarding member goals, weight history, missed weeks, doctor notes and other facts which help to make communications in a meeting room more personable. This results in an improved member experience.

Class Companion facilitates extension of your corporate policies, meeting schedules, new promotions and programs to the staff on location. Our intelligent synchronization engine keeps your corporate data and point of sale system up-to date on any given hour.


SYSPRO – Enterprise Financial System

SYSPRO ERP is an integrated business accounting system with a variety of modules to support all aspects of your business – from inventory and purchase planning to cash flow management, budgeting and forecasting.

Financial data is always current thanks to integration between SYSPRO financial, Tally.Net and Class Companion systems.

Using SYSPRO’s Integration Framework and Solutions we have implemented a Web-requisition portal for WW locations to order their supplies from the corporate warehouse.