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SYSPRO Announces New Business Software App Store to Provide Solution Choices

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World’s Best Value Enterprise Software for Small, Mid-Sized Manufacturers/Distributors Provides Platform for SYSPRO Partner/User Community to Share Customized Solutions.

BOSTON - JUNE 29, 2012 - SYSPRO, a developer of best-of-breed, award-winning enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for on-premise and cloud-based utilization, announced today that it will shortly be delivering a new SYSPRO App Store solution that extends the company’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution advantages within its partner/user community. The announcement was made today at the Grape Escape analyst event in Boston, attended by 27 of the world's leading enterprise software analysts.

The SYSPRO App Store, exemplary of SYSPRO's ongoing product development that responds to the needs of the marketplace, enables users of SYSPRO ERP to enhance operational efficiencies through even greater choices The SYSPRO App Store solution will eventually encompass thousands of solutions, many of which are expected to be available by year's end.

"App stores like SYSPRO provide the opportunity for partnering software technology programmers to extend value to the larger SYSPRO eco-system, including some of the very best in the industry," said Cindy Jutras, President, Mint Jutras. "This is where the vortex of easy downloadable access and software experience and knowledge are at its best. And with economic indicators so uncertain these days, small and mid-sized manufacturers can benefit from this opportunity to extend the value of their SYSPRO ERP solution."

SYSPRO App Store provides a direct purchasing process for users, as well as controls within companies to ensure that purchases are correctly authorized. For publishers (such as the global SYSPRO reseller community) submitting solutions on the SYSPRO App Store, there is the option to either publish products free of charge, to receive a once-off payment or protect intellectual property through SYSPRO's licensing model. This creates recurring annual license income opportunities throughout the SYSPRO eco-system.


SYSPRO has earned the trust of more than 14,500 companies in 60 countries for its suite of visionary software that enhances the competitive thrust of small/mid--sized manufacturers and distributors. The company’s adherence to developing technology based on the needs of customers is among the reasons why SYSPRO enjoys one of the highest customer retention rates in the industry.

For more information, visit: or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

All company names and products mentioned in this release are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.


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SYSPRO ERP Offers Agile Functionalities Described as “Next-Generation” by Eval-Source

COSTA MESA, Calif.  – July 6, 2012 -- SYSPRO, a developer of best-of-breed, award-winning enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for on-premise and cloud-based utilization, announced today that the functionalities offered in SYSPRO ERP match those described as “next generation” by Dylan Persaud, Managing Director, Eval-Source.  In his article, “Next-Gen ERP,” appearing in the Manufacturing Business Technology blog of 6/25/2012, Persaud notes:  “Next-gen ERP products allow organizations to quickly create new processes, reconfigure and tweak existing processes, as well as add additional functionality they may already have but need to configure.”

“Persaud’s description of the agility and functionality that characterize ‘next-gen’ software could have been describing today’s SYSPRO ERP offerings,” exclaimed Joey Benadretti, SYSPRO USA president.

“For example,” says Benadretti, “SYSPRO’s tried and tested, award winning, implementation methodology continues to ‘set the pace’ by facilitating the ability of organizations to streamline their business processes during the implementation of their SYSPRO ERP software.”
In addition, Benadretti points out that SYSPRO Business Process Modeling enables companies to readily reconfigure business processes to enhance overall efficiency.  Moreover, the Power Tailoring options in SYSPRO 6.1 also greatly simplify information navigation, enabling even non-programmers to personalize views and achieve new levels of operational efficiency.  The capabilities complement the award-winning SYSPRO Fluid Interface which allows users to easily modify the behavior of any SYSPRO application to gain needed information and deepen and broaden functionality.  For example, a user can:

  • Configure forms to display additional data automatically, such as CAD drawings associated with stock codes;
  • Insert an editable or read-only notepad against any key field;
  • Remove any fields not used; and
  • Control and streamline the way data is entered through configurable input masks and       case settings.

SYSPRO also facilitates system-wide personalization to meet company-specific standards, such as the rewording of field captions to align with company terminology, while role-based personalization simplifies the modifying of user interface elements, such as menus, toolbars and forms.   These enhancements augment administrative controls and simplify deployment across the organization.

Within SYSPRO there is no restriction on how information is derived or on the technology used to present information. Users can draw on out-of-the-box ‘templates’ to build user applications at the touch of a button or use highly sophisticated development tools, such as Visual Studio, to build and deploy .NET applications that interact with core SYSPRO functionality and are implemented as a seamless part of the SYSPRO solution. Once these .NET applications reside on a central server, they can be seamlessly deployed to the client computer automatically when required. SYSPRO 6.1 also allows users to present information (down to cell level) in a graphical and aesthetically-pleasing manner using a combination of Excel-style features and XAML Markup code.

Further exemplifying the “next-gen” features that characterize SYSPRO ERP is the ease with which it enables companies to embrace Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) to extend functionality.   SYSPRO SOA allows companies to link disparate functionalities and integrate new capabilities.

Moreover, SYSPRO continues to focus resources on education, technology and functionality, so that SYSPRO users can maximize operational efficiencies and obtain rapid ROI’s. Because SYSPRO software enables mid-size manufacturers and distributors to tailor their SYSPRO software to meet special and often unique requirements, the companies are able to extend operational efficiencies and customer service.

Benadretti summarizes:  “SYSPRO ERP is a highly configurable and agile ‘next-gen’ system that can easily adapt and change as requirements evolve.”

Asked to comment on the “next-gen” features of SYSPRO ERP, Persaud says, “SYSPRO’s user configurable interface enhances the end-user experience by being able to customize an individual workspace. The fact that users can customize their own workspaces without IT intervention may also increase adoption within the company, thereby lowering the chance of IT failure.   The SOA, built in .Net technology requires little coding for customizations so that workflows can be built quickly without vendor intervention which extends the ROI and decreases TCO for customers using the next-gen foundation found within SYSPRO.” 

Eval-Source is a consulting firm that provides enterprise software selection and strategic consulting services for organizations to achieve success in their IT initiatives. Visit the Eval-Source website at or on Twitter @eval_source.   
SYSPRO has earned the trust of more than 14,500 companies in 60 countries for its suite of visionary software that enhances the competitive thrust of small/mid-sized manufacturers and distributors.  The company’s adherence to developing technology based on the needs of customers is among the reasons why SYSPRO enjoys one of the highest customer retention rates in the industry.  Follow SYSPRO on:


For more information, visit:   or call Stanley Goodrich:  714/437-1000
All company names and products mentioned in this release are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.             

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SYSPRO Customers Bodypoint and Columbia Manufacturing Awarded for “Shaping the Future of Global Manufacturing;” Bodypoint Named in Information Leadership Category; Columbia Manufacturing Chosen in Sustainability Category

COSTA MESA, Calif. – February 9, 2012  --SYSPRO, a developer of best-of-breed, award-winning enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for on-premise and cloud-based utilization, today revealed that two SYSPRO ERP users have been named winners of 2012 Manufacturing Leadership 100 Awards.  SYSPRO customer Columbia Manufacturing was a winner in the “Sustainability” category, while SYSPRO user Bodypoint was named in the Information Leadership Category.
According to SYSPRO USA President Joey Benadretti, “These awards exemplify the utility and versatility of SYSPRO’s ERP offering.   Each company was named for achievement in a different category.  Each has been profiled in past SYSPRO press releases, attributing their successes and attainments of goals and objectives to their utilization of SYSPRO ERP software.”

Bodypoint, Inc., a leading medical device manufacturer of wheelchair positioning and support products, headquartered in Seattle, WA, has stated that SYSPRO ERP software has helped the company to enhance operational efficiencies resulting in a 300% increase in new market growth and a revenues increase of 20% without the need to add headcount.

According to Mike Conklin, Technical Process Manager, “The [SYSPRO ERP] system allows us to be much leaner and much more flexible.  We can deliver product in a way the customer wants it.  We can offer complex pricing and discounting methods and resolve compliance issues using ECC [SYSPRO Engineering Change Control].  We have deeper integration and visibility with our processes.  Integrated accounting has reduced errors and increased capacity.  Our reporting has greatly improved, and our shipping is more accurate, adding customer value with shipping notifications via the SYSPRO integrated shipping solution.” 

He continues:  “Most all our business processes have become automated with improvements in deliverables.  We now have historical sales data for sales analysis and can build custom reports and metrics through SYSPRO reporting services.  International markets require complex product instructions in multiple languages by unique product.  SYSPRO allows us to print product instructions for packaging on demand by product and country.”

Bodypoint, which globally targets medical device manufacturers, durable medical equipment makers and service providers and wheelchair end-users also designs custom products for manufacturers of wheelchairs. The ability of the comprehensive, ‘single DNA,’ SYSPRO ERP solution to handle “multi-mode” manufacturing enables Bodypoint to “Make to Order” or “Engineer to Order” as well as “Make to Stock.”

Conklin summarizes: “[With SYSPRO] we can now deliver on contracts and commitments the way the customer prefers.  Our processes are integrated so visibility has increased from quotations to invoicing, allowing us to respond more quickly, efficiently and with higher accuracy.”

Ali Salehi, Columbia Manufacturing Sr. Vice President, has stated, “We could not operate without SYSPRO. . . This is a very cyclical business,” he says.  “The schools get out in May and June, and they want their products in the very short window of July 1 thru Labor Day.   Therefore, we get a huge demand in an 8 – 12 week period.   SYSPRO functionality, however, expedites material resource planning and purchasing while SYSPRO forecasting, enables, as it were, our ability to ‘see the future’ so we can regulate our purchase of chemicals, water usage, electricity and all the items related to our manufacturing of school furniture.”

The following is a list of Columbia’s environmental achievements, many of which were facilitated utilizing SYSPRO ERP software:

  • Elimination of 100% of all V.O.C.'s with a painting operation that is 100% powder coating.
  • Reduction of water usage from 150,000 gallons/day to 3,000 gallons/day.
  • Using 100% recycled wood flour in hard plastic seats, backs and tops.
  • Using up to 25% recycled post industrial products in soft plastic components.
  • Recycling 100% of excess wood products and pallets.
  • Recycling 100% cardboard and paper products.
  • Recycling 100% of scrap steel.
  • Recycled wood and paper products are converted to fuel cell cubes replacing coal in power generator plants

About the Manufacturing Leadership 100 Awards
The ML100 Awards (, created eight years ago as the Progressive Manufacturing 100 Awards, have established themselves as the premier program for honoring transformational business projects, innovation and excellence in a variety of manufacturing categories including operational excellence and sustainability, global value chain, and workforce development excellence. The ML100 Awards are presented at the Manufacturing Leadership Summit. Both are part of the Manufacturing Executive portfolio of services, which also includes the Manufacturing Leadership Council and the Manufacturing Executive Leadership Journal.

All ML100 Award winners will be honored on May 2, 2012 at a gala reception during the Manufacturing Leadership Summit at the Breakers Resort in Palm Beach, FL (April 30 – May 2, 2012).

About Bodypoint, Inc.
Bodypoint, headquartered in Seattle, Wash., has been leading the way in wheelchair positioning and support products for more than two decades.  By offering only the finest performance-tested and engineered products, Bodypoint has developed a reputation for providing high-quality products that are easy to install, provide consistently excellent outcomes and deliver lasting performance.  The company’s commitment to excellence begins with a focus on customer satisfaction.  From the depth of its product lines, to a friendly, knowledgeable staff, Bodypoint is dedicated to meeting customer needs.  Contact Bodypoint at (206) 405-4555. Or go to:

About Columbia Manufacturing
Columbia Manufacturing, Inc., is a privately owned company located at One Cycle Street, Westfield, Massachusetts. Columbia, originally founded in 1877 by Colonel Albert Pope, established itself as the premier bicycle manufacturer of America’s First Bicycle. As a way to diversify its product line and to help keep the factory busy in the slow periods, Columbia started manufacturing school furniture in 1952 and today is considered to be the manufacturer of the finest school furniture in America. 

Columbia’s facility sits on 36 acres with the original factory as its core. Over the years it has expanded and currently has approximately 300,000 square feet of usable manufacturing space.

For more information:  call: (413) 562-3664 or go to:   

Since its inception in 1978, SYSPRO has been delivering state-of-the-art business solutions to some of the world's leading companies. As a global leader in the production of world-class ERP software, the company now caters to the specialized needs of over 14,500 licensed companies in more than 60 countries worldwide. SYSPRO is marketed globally through regional territory distribution centers and a global reseller network in the US, Canada, Africa, Asia Pacific, Australia and the UK. 

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SYSPRO—Taking a Quantum Leap or Simply Becoming Smarter?

PJ Jakovljevic- 1/20/2012 4:29:00 PM (Original Article at Tec)

Every meeting with SYSPRO USA brings about some more affirmation that sticking to its core values and principles should bring good results for any company. As a privately held company since its inception in 1978, SYSPRO has always been in control of its destiny and not distracted by the quirks of stock markets and investors’ impatience. The vendor has been agile, innovative, reliable, and with focus on ensuring product value and long-term customer relationships.

The company’s adherence to developing technology based on the needs of customers is among the reasons why it enjoys one of the highest customer retention rates in the industry. Indeed more than 14,500 licensed companies in 60 countries and across 6 continents have repeatedly shown their satisfaction in terms of SYSPRO’s price-to-performance ratio. SYSPRO 6.1 is the current release of the vendor’s suite of future-proof software that enhances the competitive forays of small to midsized manufacturers and distributors.

As SYSPRO has no major acquisitions in its long history, its products are transcribed and translated from a “single DNA,” resulting in consistent look-and-feel and structure. The products’ underlying .NET architecture enables simplified third-party product integration and customization. SYSPRO’s solutions can be tailored to customers’ specific needs and are sold primarily via the channel and a direct SYSPRO sales team. The offerings are quite comprehensive, but for some special requirements or in some industry and/or region, SYSPRO might partner with other vendors such as MSC for warehousing and data collection, Preactor for advanced planning and scheduling (APS), and uniPoint for quality management.


Getting Even Smarter of Late
What has somewhat changed during the last 12 months or so has been the company’s marketing message. In December 2010, SYSPRO USA introduced its “Einstein” strategy, a witty association with the genius of the world’s most renowned theoretical physicist. The goal of this strategy was simply to make enterprise resource planning (ERP) for the small to midsized manufacturer smarter. As a corollary, a SYSPRO user does not necessarily have to be an Einstein or rocket scientist to be able to use the product.
SYSPRO’s global ‘Simply Smarter ERP’ mantra is about the vendor listening carefully to its customers, perfecting its implementation methodology, and focusing its resources on educanality in order to enable SYSPRO ERP users to maximize business benefits. The word “SMARTER” in ‘Simply Smarter’ is actually an acronym that stands for Strategy, Methodology, Accountability, Resources, Technology, Education, and (Customer) Rewards.

Albert Einstein is best known for developing his theory of relativity with the formula E=MC2. SYSPRO has delivered on its “Einstein” strategy by introducing its own theory of ERP relativity with the following similar formula: S=MC2. In this equivalent equation for the theory of ERP relativity, “M” stands for material, while “C2 is for cost management and cash management, respectively. “S,” of course, stands for SYSPRO. In other words, the value of SYSPRO’s ‘Simply Smarter’ ERP is derived largely from better material management, cost control, and cash management. For more details, see related blog posts by Cindy Jutras of Mint Jutras and by our colleague Aleksey Osintsev.


Enter the Quantum Theory for ERP
Going further along the “Einstein” theme and SYSPRO’s traditional approach to helping customers align strategy to operational processes via rapidly modeled and implemented products, the vendor announced its new multi-faceted framework (see the official press release). Called Quantum Architecture™, the framework extends the SYSPRO USA “Einstein” strategy, which was designed to solve problems that have plagued ERP solutions for years and that have often crippled the ability of smaller businesses to compete effectively. This is a distinctly comprehensive ERP architectural framework for managing today’s technology and data diversity, and for advancing people collaboration and energy, despite constant changes in the business environment. As a parallel to Einstein’s Quantum theory of matter and energy, SYSPRO says that the Quantum framework is targeting the following six business ‘matters’:

1.     ERP implementation

2.     Communications and reporting

3.     Workflow processes

4.     Security issues (e.g., role-based authorizations)

5.     Regulatory and financial changes

6.     Mobile and cloud requirements

The “energy” part of the theory refers to the organizational energy and the potential from being able to mobilize people and streamline and synchronize their actions via the aforementioned six ‘matters.’ Think of how Quantum works via this metaphoric situation: you have an office full of disparate items or events that absolutely do NOT work together—people (each with their own agendas), fax machines, computers, and tablets (all from different eras), chairs (that don’t fit into tables), different keys to the locks on the doors (each lock on a door is different), everyone’s got a different currency in their pocket (so you can’t figure out what and how much you have), etc. Now, along comes this magic framework that says “I am going to map all of your differences, clearly show you where the connection points and issues are, provide a way for you to collaborate and synthesize the disparate pieces to have a holistic view and/or one working methodology that works for everybody. And, by the way, you can customize the system any way you want due to the six aspects listed above.”

Another metaphor might be building a house—and you have all of the contractors show up with different tools (that don’t always work with the standard nails, screws, and staples), different building materials, building inspectors demanding to see plans that don’t exist, etc. These types of impossible hodgepodge environments have plagued small to medium businesses (SMBs) for years, and painfully so in the manufacturing and distribution spaces where there are so many moving parts and not just people issues.


Addressing Both the Bigger and Smaller Pictures
SYSPRO has long had its stringent STARS (Structured Technique to Achieve a Rapid Solution) implementation methodology. STARS will now use the Quantum blueprint to further effectively implement SYSPRO in a constantly dynamic environment by mapping all of the following four components that Quantum encompasses:

1.     A multi-source, single repository architectural map—that unifies the following:

o    Operational strategy

o    Processes

o    Data

o    Product offering

o    Technology

o    Organization

o    Risk & compliance


2.     Data collaboration modeling—via the following steps:

o    Define processes and business rules; record all major decisions and conversations

o    Configure roles; define workflow; create user guides, notes, and decisions; devise all manual and customized processes

o    Configure (visualize) the unique business model


3.     Pre-configured system and process models—with the following results:

o    All menus, submenus, screens, and panes show the functions and features of the product

o    All of the data structures are modeled

o    All setup options are clearly presented

o    All business processes follow “best practices”


4.     Embedded role-based reporting and performance measurement:

o    Identify key performance indicators (KPIs) and reports by role

o    Define menus, processes, and functions by role

o    Define security authorizations and sign-offs by role

The Quantum framework apparently is an extension of STARS in that it provides an even richer implementation experience by streamlining all aspects of a project. Mike Krigsman's ZDNet blog post analyzes Quantum’s rapid deployment capabilities.


Quantum: Enterprise Unifier (not Divider)
While rapid implementation is one of the goals of Quantum, it is not necessarily the differentiating trait, as one can find this approach in every mid-market vendor. In fact, Quantum is much more than fast-track implementations, as it unifies the following factors in an enterprise: people & organization, system & technology, and strategy & business processes. Thus, Quantum is about enterprise architecture (EA) and business process management (BPM)—going from all of the top strategic goals down to the individual tasks. These capabilities are quite uncommon in the ERP space. Perhaps QAD has recently started using Savvion BPM within the Progress OpenEdge platform, while Epicor has been developing its .NET-based BPM engine.

SAPand Oracle occasionally embed IDS Scheer's ARIS process modeling and analysis tools, which entail huge consulting projects on their own (say, to deploy the 6s Lean or American Productivity & Quality Center [APQC] best practices frameworks). One might be mixing apples and oranges when lumping SYSPRO Quantum together with, say, SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions (SAP RDS). The latter offering is a ready-to-use combination of software, predefined services, and preconfigured content at a predefined price.

SAP's template-based solutions fill small functional gaps quickly, say, sales and operations planning (S&OP), strategic sourcing, or marketing campaign analytics capabilities (see the related article for more details). But they are not of much use when one starts a brand new comprehensive ERP implementation, and Quantum can come in handy in both situations. The blog posts by Brian Sommer of ZDNet, Nick Castelinna of Aberdeen, and Cindy Jutras of Mint Jutras shed some more light on SYSPRO Quantum Architecture.


SYSPRO USA Speaks Out (for the First Time)
It is interesting to note that during our near decade-long coverage of SYSPRO, we’ve never had a chance for an interview article. Thus, to rectify the situation, what follows now is our discussion with SYSPRO USA’s top executive team. Our poignant questions and the vendor’s clear-cut answers are as follows:

TEC:Has your market and competitive landscape changed of late and how?
SYSPRO: We have focused at small and mid-market manufacturers and distributors for over 30 years. Over the last couple of years, the market has consolidated with vendors either disappearing or being bought out. Since the mid-2000s, the larger ERP players began to aggressively market or sell to the lower mid-market due to saturation at the Tier 1 buyer level. The reality is that the big players’ results have been dismal in this market space. This space is very tightly knit together (strong peer group connections and associations), and stories about deployment disasters of the big players abound.

The further consolidation of the market is creating confusion for buyers, as vendors have multiple products, and product lines from large vendors are varied and not uniform. Another unfortunate by-product is that pricing competition forced by the big players is too often lading buyers to make decisions based on cost and not fit. SYSPRO replaces many failed deployments of the big players, and we could write a book based simply on these customers repeating horror stories about: ill-fitting solutions, poor deployment methodology, nonresponsive service experiences, etc. In contrast, SYSPRO’s strong reputation for service, relationships, and installation excellence is well known throughout the smaller manufacturing and distribution markets.

TEC:What social and mobile apps are generally available now (under which exact name) and what is coming out soon?
SYSPRO: Both SYSPRO Mobile and SYSPRO Social have been a research and development (R&D) priority for a number of years. SYSPRO has the ability to easily incorporate an organization’s unique or common social priorities, as required within any module. For example, you can easily tailor a screen showing LinkedIn information of a contact within SYSPRO. We are already also looking at the automated pushing of information from the SYSPRO ERP into the SYSPRO Social realm; i.e., the ability to update corporate and personal social sites from information gleaned from SYSPRO ERP. For now, users are able to view information only on their mobile devices, but in the future the authorized user will be able to edit data as well. Our mobile strategy is to easily deploy to any device.

TEC:What makes your channel superior to those of your competitors, if not necessarily the absolute number of value-added resellers (VARs)?
SYSPRO: Our channel differentiation can be attributed to the following factors:

·         Relationships/Culture: Our relationship with our channel partners is managed via a continuing set of both formal processes and informal “touches.” Both our SYSPRO USA chief executive officer (CEO) and president have built a hands-on management model: executives are accessible and actively engaged with channel partners.

·         Customer Centricity: SYSPRO’s extreme focus on customer satisfaction is extended through channel partners, with ongoing training programs focusing on continuous improvement and growth.

·         Great Product/Return on Investment (ROI): SYSPRO’s ongoing aggressive R&D activities result in products (an example being SYSPRO’s imminent release of a robust Retail solution), architectures, and infrastructures that are the best in the industry for the SMB manufacturing and distribution markets. This means that it’s a lot easier to build tight partner relationships when the product excels and produces rapid ROI.

TEC:Which products, regions, and verticals have been most active of late? What do you foresee in next 12 to 18 months—more of the same or not?
SYSPRO: As for the product capabilities, we’ve been seeing growing interest and buyer action in inventory control, optimization, and performance management. Also, functionality focused on material, cost, and cash management (see the aforementioned first Einstein S=MC2 announcement) and the architectural requirements that led to Quantum Architecture.

As for verticals—food, medical devices, electronics, machinery and equipment, and automotive are still experiencing the fastest growth according to our current data. We are in the process of identifying some high growth micro verticals as well as increasing our focus on pharma and retail. The retail focus is in line with the pending release of the Retail/SYSPRO Point of Sale (POS) solution. Going forward, SYSPRO will investigate more of the R&D-intensive industries and changes in global trends, regulations, and compliance. Also, SYSPRO will focus on and expand its mobile and analytics offerings. As we head into 2012, we predict a general upward trend in manufacturing.

TEC:What is your long-term growth strategy, given that acquisitions, initial public offering (IPO), and being acquired are not in your DNA?
SYSPRO: We have a long-term sustainable growth strategy that is extremely attractive to the current private owners as well as our customers. SYSPRO will continue to grow organically, and has plans to accelerate growth in specific geographies such as the United States (USA), Europe, Africa, Asia, and South America. As part of our ongoing strategy, we expect to see continued growth from our stable existing customer base and SMB focus. In addition, we are already seeing success with deals in much larger customers, multisite environments, and global footprints. Many of these customers have turned toward SYSPRO as a cost-effective and suitable replacement to SAP and other Tier 1 and 2 products. Building on our recent successes, and in line with our strategy, we definitely see this trend continuing.

TEC:Where is SYSPRO in the true multitenant software-as-a-service (SaaS) game?
SYSPRO: In mid-2011, we launched SYSPRO Business Live, our Cloud offering. The real demand for multitenancy cloud in the perhaps more conservative manufacturing and distribution ERP sector is extremely low. In line with our Product Roadmap, we do have plans to launch multitenancy Cloud in 2013. 

TEC:Is there anything you would like to add and/or clarify?
SYSPRO: As we see products coming together and we see changes in the environment, we feel the real success will be around better implementations and enhanced interactive relationships between the software vendor and customer. ERP providers with patched-together product lines are having a harder time convincing smarter SMB buyers that they can get cost-effective, holistic solutions to their technology needs. Our sales cycles reflect that buyers are finally starting to appreciate the difference between organically-built versus acquisition-patched solutions that are neither effective, nor cost-effective. The key is the SYSPRO relationship and our inherent single-DNA cost-effective functionality.

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Lead 411 List Ranks Companies Based on Percentage Revenue Growth

COSTA MESA, Calif. – October 27, 2011 –SYSPRO, a developer of best-of-breed, award-winning enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for on-premise and cloud-based utilization, revealed today that the company has been included on the Lead411 Tech 200 Annual List of Fastest Growing, Privately-held US-based Technology Companies. In its second year, the Tech 200 list ranks technology companies with the highest percent of annual revenue growth.  This latest list ranks companies based on revenue growth for the years 2009 – 2010.

According to Tom Blue, founder and CEO of Lead411, “Everyone’s got a top 500 list. But we wanted to see how the top 200 fared. The higher up the list you go, the more trends you see in terms of what’s helping these brands succeed.”  Blue reports that the companies on this year’s list were selected from over 600 applications from across the nation representing multiple industry verticals.  Applicants were required to be privately held, U.S. based companies within the following industries: Software, Hardware, Internet, Media, Advertising, Wireless, Telecom, IT Services, E-Commerce, or Consulting.          

As part of the applications, participants were given a survey about their marketing spend, funding, ROI and overall outlook. Survey results show that 60.2% of applicants had never received funding of any kind and that 84% consider themselves profitable.

According to SYSPRO USA President Joey Benadretti, “The inclusion of SYSPRO on the Lead411 list is truly an affirmation of the ability of SYSPRO ERP software to fulfill the needs of SMB manufacturers and distributors.  It exemplifies the way SYSPRO listens to the needs of the marketplace and builds these into the company’s software releases.”  

The list and complete survey results are available at:

About Lead411
Information services provider Lead411 was founded in 2001 and has grown 40% yearly since inception without accepting venture capital financing. It is based in California, but has satellite offices in New York. In addition to their current subscriptions, it also offers corporate information, company news and awards for up-and-coming businesses. For more information, contact Tom Blue at (310) 930-5865.  Email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

SYSPRO has earned the trust of more than 14,500 companies globally for its suite of visionary software that enhances the competitive thrust of small/mid-sized manufacturers and distributors.  The company’s adherence to developing technology based on the needs of customers is among the reasons why SYSPRO enjoys one of the highest customer retention rates in the industry.

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