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Dash announces alliance with Phoenix Systems

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Milwaukee, WI (July 6, 2015) — Dash, a leading developer of Document Management Software, announced today its partnership agreement with Phoenix Systems headquartered in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada.

Dash’s DDX™ Document Management system excels at integration with ERP systems. It is used by hundreds of companies in North America and the Pacific Rim. Dash’s focus on small and mid-sized manufacturing and distribution companies brings a unique vertical approach to the market, and with it, rapid return-on-investment for its users. This is something which Phoenix clearly understands.

”We’re very excited to be working with a highly reputable and successful provider of Document Management and Publication solutions” said Dan O’Toole, President of Phoenix Systems. “Our long time commitment of delivering efficiency improvements to our customers fits perfectly to the Dash product line”.

“Phoenix Systems reputation as a premier provider of business software and services is a perfect fit for our customers” said Jim Van Hecke, president of Dash. “It gives our users more options, and broadens our network with a proven sales, support and consulting team”. Through the partnership, Phoenix Systems will make available Dash’s DDX™ Document Management software and leverage its long experience providing software and services to businesses in the USA and Canada.

About Dash
Dash is a software developer of ERP-Integrated Document Management software focused small and mid-sized Manufacturing and Distribution companies. Dash also provides custom software development services.

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About Phoenix Systems
Phoenix Systems is a North American software and hardware service provider and reseller. Phoenix Systems provides software sales, development, consulting and support for Dash's DDX. The company enjoys 35 years of delivering effective, affordable business-critical solutions as a certified value-added reseller of Dash DDX, SYSPRO and Microsoft Dynamics enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) software. Phoenix Systems is a recognized leader in service among our partners’ authorized network of dealers. For more information, go to

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Dovetail Internet Extends Reach of CyberStore 2 for SYSPRO to Canada through Agreement with Phoenix Systems

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For Dovetail Internet Technologies, LLC
Mary St. Laurent
(508) 925-7413
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For Phoenix Systems
Allan Weiss
(416) 427-9834
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Dovetail Internet Extends Reach of CyberStore 2 for SYSPRO
to Canada through Agreement with Phoenix Systems

WORCESETER, Massachusetts - November 14, 2012 – Dovetail Internet Technologies, LLC announced today the signing of a strategic partnership with Newmarket, Ontario-based Phoenix Systems. Through the agreement, Phoenix Systems will now offer the CyberStore 2 for SYSPRO application and Dovetail’s professional web development and implementation services directly to its portfolio of Canadian customers who are using the SYSPRO ERP platform.

 “We are thrilled to have joined forces with Phoenix Systems,” said Michael Villa, Dovetail’s CEO and founder. “Phoenix Systems is a leading force behind SYSPRO’s growth in Canada, and we are excited about how this new relationship will be able to help grow Canadian-based businesses through the adoption of online storefronts using CyberStore 2.”

Dovetail’s CyberStore 2 for SYSPRO e-commerce solution delivers a powerful and customizable shopping cart experience built exclusively to work with the award winning SYSPRO enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. By utilizing SYSPRO’s business object platform, the e-commerce application uses real-time connectivity to core ERP application business logic providing website visitors with accurate inventory levels, customer-specific pricing, instant sales order posting, and full order history. Visit

According to Daniel O’Toole, President of Phoenix Systems, “This partnership with a world-class organization like Dovetail is an integral step forward in our strategy to provide the most dynamic automation toolset for our SYSPRO customers. With Cyberstore 2, we will now be able to facilitate the integration of our customers’ webstore data with SYSPRO easily and efficiently.”

In addition to bringing the CyberStore 2 software to customers of Phoenix Systems, the partnership also allows Dovetail to deliver its array of professional web design and development services to further the online vision of the user companies.

About Phoenix Systems
Phoenix Systems is a privately held Canadian software and hardware service provider and reseller. The company enjoys over 30 years of delivering effective, affordable business-critical solutions as a certified value-added reseller of SYSPRO and Microsoft Dynamics enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) software, Optio document management software and LifeSize high definition video communications. Phoenix Systems has Canadian offices in Toronto, Newmarket, Winnipeg, Calgary and Vancouver, as well as a US office in Portland, OR. Visit

About Dovetail Internet Technologies, LLC
Dovetail Internet Technologies, LLC was established in 1999 to give businesses the power to change the way their website works for them by providing a solution that gives them the ultimate control over – and confidence in – their web and sales marketing strategies. Dovetail’s web solutions, e-commerce and content management systems (CMS) are used by a myriad companies throughout the United States, and now Canada, and across a variety of industries, including banking, manufacturing, and high tech. Visit

All products mentioned in this release are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

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Phoenix Systems strategic partnership with Manufacturing Systems Corp

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Read the news release here.

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Phoenix Systems has acquired Sutton Software, Inc. a New Hampshire based SYSPRO Value Added Reseller, effective February 21, 2014. Phoenix Systems, a Newmarket, Ontario headquartered company that provides technology based productivity improvement products and services to small to mid-sized companies, began its growth strategy in the United States in July 2009 with the acquisition of Bell Business Solutions and its SYSPRO ERP and Microsoft Dynamics
NAV business segments.
“The systems information needs of small to midsize companies are growing in sophistication as technology changes and we enter this new era of “Lean and Green”. To meet these growing demands requires experienced and specialized personnel which only a larger group can provide and for this reason I felt it was important to seek a Partner that could bring these elements to us”, explained Robert Sutton, President of Sutton Software. “Phoenix Systems was the right company for us with more than 30 years of business experience as a provider of software and services dedicated to helping businesses become more efficient.”
“Phoenix Systems is perfectly placed to benefit from the strengthening economic recovery in North America”, notes Phoenix Systems president Dan O’Toole. “Sutton Software’s client base represents the type of client we want to grow with. Companies who are determined to be competitive in the marketplace are focusing on improved productivity and planning for growth.
There is a strong demand for the solutions we offer to help companies use technology to become more efficient and save money. Our business systems solutions and expertise are designed to help companies reduce time and costs” he explained.
Phoenix Systems has consistently focused on the small to medium Distribution and
Manufacturing marketplace since its founding in 1980.

SYSPRO Helps Comtek Advanced Structures Keep Pace With Expansion

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Aerospace Designer and Manufacturer Capitalizes on SYSPRO’s
Scalability and Efficiency During Time of Rapid Growth

Comtek Advanced Structures Ltd. was founded in
1994, and in 2007 became a wholly-owned subsidiary
of Avcorp Industries Inc. In a nutshell, says Brett
Richardson, Comtek’s Director of Finance, the company
designs, manufactures and supports advanced
assemblies for aerospace and defense applications.
Those include “honeycomb sandwich” panel
solutions, infusion and out-of-autoclave technology
solutions, and high-end repairs for regional aircraft.
Headquartered in a 54,000-sq.ft. facility in Burlington,
Ontario, Comtek employs sixty workers to service more
than 100 customers worldwide, and enjoys annual sales
in the range of $12- to $15-million.
In 2000, Comtek realized that its reliance on manual
accounting procedures was not up to the task of
controlling every aspect of the company’s accelerating
growth. With expansion into US markets imminent,
Comtek went shopping for an enterprise resource
planning (ERP) business solution. “Ultimately, one
of the biggest reasons that SYSPRO ERP was chosen
was customer referral. The company right next door
to Comtek at the time was running on SYSPRO, and
they were very pleased with it. That and SYSPRO’s
affordability were the two most important factors in
its selection.” Comtek moved quickly. In six months,
working on the implementation with a VAR, the
company was up and running with SYSPRO ERP.
Brett Richardson was hired as Comtek’s Director of
Finance in 2008. Having implemented and upgraded
SAP ERP in a former position, Richardson has an
intimate understanding of the road map that leads
to optimal ERP adoption and leverage. “One of the
reasons I was hired,” says Richardson, “was to drive the
use of the ERP. I suppose you could call me the ‘ERP
champion.’” Moving from SAP to SYSPRO, he claims,
was comparatively simple. “Because I had a strong ERP
background, I was able to pick up SYSPRO in a matter
of days.”
Since taking on the job, Richardson has been active in
promoting the development of SYSPRO power users.
“We encourage our workers to develop their expertise,
and engage them to spread their knowledge throughout
the company, instead of folding that information
into their individual silos. We even bought a one-year
license for the SYSPRO learning channel [a web-based,
collaborative learning environment].”
Richardson’s passion for ERP was also important
in fostering management commitment. “We now
promote a simple philosophy: Whatever the challenge,
we will address it in SYSPRO, and we discourage the
use of anything else. There was always an excuse
before, because of the unknown. But because of my


background, I know the benefits that a fully leveraged ERP can bring, as well as the dangers of not being fully committed.”
In line with Comtek’s new philosophy is its decision to purchase a key piece of software that will integrate with SYSPRO. “One of our core activities,” says Richardson, “is to manufacture aerospace floor boards from large sheets of raw composite panel. For that particular job we offer just-in-time service - we’re shipping in three to seven days. The downside is that the sheets have to be cut to shape quickly, and that results in significant waste. For the last three years, we’ve been thinking of creating homegrown nesting software, but now we’ve finally found a package that will review the orders as they exist in SYSPRO, and optimally nest the shapes on the material. This will cut out the middle man, reduce time and wastage, and should drive down our just-intime lead time.”
With any ERP implementation, says Richardson, you have to spend some time adapting your business processes to the system. “What you must have is discipline, which is why I believe that every company should have an ERP champion. The beauty of SYSPRO is that it’s not so regimented that it forces you to be exact, but it does put thresholds on deviation. One thing I like about SYSPRO is that rogue employees get identified pretty quickly. Sometimes we’re running so fast we don’t have time to think, but SYSPRO lets us know when something isn’t going the way it’s supposed to. It usually means that the employee doesn’t understand something, or isn’t familiar with the process.”

Finding precise figures to demonstrate SYSPRO’s return on investment isn’t always possible, but as Comtek’s Director of Finance, Richardson keeps his eye on the effect of SYSPRO on the company’s bottom line. “Our annual spend rate for SYSPRO is less than $40,000,” says Richardson, “including all the hardware. Because of SYSPRO, we easily save on one accountant  position and one planner position. Those two positions alone account for $80,000 to $100,000 in savings, without including ancillary costs. In addition, if we get busier, SYSPRO scales easily, which saves time from an accounting and inventory perspective. When we added an additional business unit onto the system the work required was minimal.”

There are also monetary and operational advantages to having an ERP that has carved out its territory by serving the needs of small to medium-sized enterprises. “Our VAR does not run a typical corporate help desk,” says Richardson. “When we call for help, we connect to experienced users who really get involved. The support we receive from our VAR helps us solve issues promptly, enables us to keep a smaller number of staff, and keeps us from having to hire consultants. That’s definitely a SYSPRO advantage.” Overall, says Richardson, SYSPRO ERP is having a positive impact at every level of Comtek’s operations. “We are absolutely happy with our ERP,” he adds, “and I’m very impressed with its level of functionality. For the money, I keep coming back to SYSPRO.”

For more information on Comtek Advanced Structures, please visit:

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