Integrate and automate or stagnate.

JDH OpS - The Enterprise Management System
Keeping your grip on a thriving business is hard work. Existing procedures become obsolete without warning, paperwork gets out of hand, staff fall behind. Even determining the status quo of a production system can become an unsettling exercise in guesswork.

To grow your enterprise while managing all its functions intelligently, we developed JDH OpS. It's a completely integrated enterprise management system (ERP and CRM) that automates all operations of a growing business, including sales, purchasing, accounting, inventory control and payroll. JDH OpS is ideally suited for small and medium companies that distribute, manufacture, construct or rent products or services.

Painless implementation
JDH OpS implements rapidly and is easy to administer. Most importantly, it provides your business with fully integrated modules to perform all necessary back office and front office activities, without re-entering data into multiple data stores. Once data has been recorded in any functional module, it is available for viewing, referencing or processing everywhere in the system.

Modular System 
JDH OpS have the many modules available.