Barcoding & Data Collection

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SYSPRO provides an array of excellent inventory control features designed to avoid out-of-stock allocations, negative inventory, carrying too much stock on hand, and more.



As feature rich as SYSPRO is, the data in SYSPRO is only as good as it is accurate. Important information about your stock on hand, picked sales orders, purchase order receipts, or job issues and receipts is probably sitting on a clipboard waiting to be keyed in to SYSPRO. Even for the most diligent paper-based processes, too much time and human resources are spent keeping SYSPRO up to date. Even with the efforts of a well coordinated team, accuracy is difficult to achieve and maintain.

Mobile devices running riteSCAN placed in the hands of your warehouse staff allows you to track materials as they move in, through, and out of the warehouse. This increased real-time visibility provides a truly accurate view of your inventory levels in SYSPRO and helps avoid costly over-stocking, out-of-stocks with product and material, and unnecessary space utilization. With riteSCAN, achieving and maintaining accurate inventory is a reality because it integrates seamlessly with SYSPRO. It's like having an easy to use "point and scan" SYSPRO client in the hands of the people on the warehouse floor. With riteSCAN, the software travels to the material instead of a paper trail finding its way to SYSPRO. Writing down notes, filling out forms, and keying data is replaced with scanning barcodes. Printing and posting inventory levels is replaced with real-time inventory queries right from the mobile device. riteSCAN saves money managing inventory because it takes less time and fewer people to keep your warehouse data up to date and more accurate than ever.

How can Barcoding Save you Money?